Friday, February 24, 2006

simple videoblogging

OK vbloggers...Conn McQuinn introduced me to Sightspeed, a free, cross-platform tool for video conferencing. Now you can record your videos, up to 60 seconds, and post them to your blog. Check out Conn's video.


Julie Cunningham said...


This is cool! I was trying to find a blog that hosted video conferencing as it may be faster and there would be more interaction. The company sure tries to sell you things such as subscriptions and even a webcam.

I tried to set up a blog as well as send you a video. Let me know how it works.

Thanks again. Julie

Julie Cunningham said...


I tried SightSpeed. Was fun to try. I tried to set up a blog. I also sent you my video clip. Let me know how it works.

Thanks for the tech tip.

Julie Cunningham