Thursday, March 16, 2006


I am so pleased to see the release of SimSchool, a role play simulation that allows teachers, or preservice teachers, to practice their classroom management and teaching skills. Using a 3D role play environment, similar to the ever popular Sims series, this tool is a boon to teacher education programs! The program takes into account different learner profiles, attitudes, and learning styles. Imagine standing in front of the class, trying to teach, when you are confronted with students who are bored, falling asleep, or have learning difficulties...what do you do? Registration is currently free. Take a tour.


Julie Cunningham said...


Wow! What a cool piece of software. I am sending it out on my AT list-serve. I wasn't able to really see the tour, but I will have to try again.

Thanks for the tech tip!

Julie Cunningham

Julie Cunningham said...

This software looks very cool! I am going to send it out on my AT list serve. Thanks for the tech tip!

Julie Cunningham

Dallas Becker said...

I logged in and played a simulation. I'm intrigued by the concept but obviously need more time to play with it. It wasn't the most intuitive piece of software that I have seen. Has anybody adopted it yet?

Pam said...

Check this out. I thought you might find it interesting.

Pam said...

oops. I left off the link. Here is a site about games in the classroom.

Karl Kapp said...

Here is another cool online game for teaching. This one is about algebra. You can check it out at It is especially meaningful to me since I have a son in Algebra. I too am a fact one of my son's said to me one day, "Mr. Kapp, you are the only Dad I know who plays games." I think they are a great educational tool.