Friday, February 24, 2006

using add-ins and mash-ups

If you are involved in presenting any kind of information on the web (websites, blogs, etc), then you want to know about add-ins* and mash-ups. Add-ins and mash-ups allow us to integrate live feeds from other sites into our own.

For example, here's a live map showing all the ski conditions around Tahoe. I was able to create the feed for this map at

Try clicking on any of the links or information in the map--you'll immediately see the power of add-ins.

Some other examples:

What we are doing in reality in using a javascript script tag to call that dynamic feed into our own site. Not familiar with javascripting? No problem! Use the converter at to create the code for you! Then all you have to do is paste that code into your website or blog. What could be easier?