Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cool new graduate elective!

OK this falls in the category of "cool news!" The Dept. of EDTECH at BSU does it again for spring 2009.

NEW ONLINE ELECTIVE! EDTECH 597: Augmented Reality Curricular Design (special hardware required; course hosted in Blackboard)
Dr. Patrick O'Shea, Harvard University, is designing and teaching this cutting-edge special topics course. AR is an effort to merge physical and virtual environments to the benefit of students. This course will include discussion of the theory behind AR and will include the development of individual AR curricula. Students will storyboard a central storyline for their AR curriculum, design characters and objects to include in their curriculum, produce media elements to represent these characters and objects, and produce the interactive AR instructional module. Learn more about Dr. O'Shea's HARP Project at http://isites.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=harp
Required Hardware/Software: Handheld Computer running Windows Mobile Operating System, PC running Microsoft OS
Required Prerequisite Skills: No required skills, but familiarity with web design and video editing would be beneficial.

Contact Jerry Foster at jfoster@boisestate.edu for registration information.